Payroll Solutions for drivers

Ezy offer a driver specific payroll solution, designed to meet your needs as a driver agency.

Ezy take care of every aspect of your payroll, including customer services. For example, if your drivers have a payment query or require additional support. Ezy also manage all of the administration so drivers will be provided with their payslips, have access to their P60, and the ability to obtain their P45, plus much more. 


  • Specialised Outsourced Services

  • Bespoke payroll for each agency

  • DNI (Driver Negligence Insurance) included for every driver

  • Simple and Ezy timesheet processing

  • Outstanding & friendly customer service

DNI cover is insurance that usually acts as an extension to your public liability insurance. It will cover you for any damage that your drivers do to your client’s vehicles.

For example your driver manages to damage the paintwork on the lorry but does no other damage to any other property.

You can claim on the DNI for this damage.


What does Driver Solutions’ DNI cover?


  • Covers up to £10,000 in any one claim

  • There is a £500 excess charge

  • Drivers are required to hold a UK or EU equivalent Driver Licence, held for 12 months with 90 days driving experience subject to driver holding a Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC)

  • Flexible approach to Drivers that do not fit the driving criteria

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