Paying people is far from easy, which is why many businesses opt for an Outsourced Payroll Solution.

Our services have been designed to provide a complete packaged support for our clients, and are provided by a team of dedicated experts.

Why Choose Ezy Solutions?

  • Drive substantial process savings through automation

  • Streamline, simplify and dramatically improve external labour administration

  • Gain full control of the external labour spend

  • Assure fairness in external labour decision-making

  • Receive greater value through market-based pricing, supplier consolidation, consistent processes and improved competition

 We offer a comprehensive range of Outsourced Payroll that streamline how UK recruitment businesses operate.

Ezy are the go-to experts in Outsourced Payroll. Our Contingent Workforce Management will help with all of your day-to-day administration tasks, so you can focus on winning new clients.

Payroll Solutions

Agency Payroll Solutions designed to meet your business needs and help run your business effectively.

We offer specialised outsourced services for the recruitment industry, working with our friendly and dedicated team is simple and easy.



Ezy CIS Solution is ideal for self-employed contractors under HMRC’s Construction Industry Scheme.

We take care of invoicing, receive payments from your agency or company on your behalf, process your payments and deduct CIS tax.


Driver Solutions

Ezy offer a driver specific payroll solution, designed to meet your needs as a driver agency.

We take care of every aspect of your Payroll, including customer services, administration and communications with drivers.

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